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Caroline's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml

Caroline's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml

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Order Code: CAR 21
Case Quantity: 12 x 500ml
UPC: 9315251902937

CAROLINES ACV is made by fermenting all organic apples for up to 18 months. This process creates the live mother culture which contain the healing powers of Acetic Acid, prebiotics, postbiotics and beneficial enzymes.

  • Australian Made
  • Raw & Unpasteurised
  • FODMAP friendly
  • 100% Organic
  • Contains the live Mother culture
  • Is a prebiotic
  • Sugar free
  • Alcohol free

Some could say we’re a little obsessed about ACV. And we genuinely are.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Apple Cider Vinegar at 5% Acidity

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