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PERKii Probiotics Drink Tropical Splash 350ml - Fresh Food Enterprises

PERKii Probiotics Drink Tropical Splash 350ml

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Order Code: PERK 04
Case Quantity: 8 x 350ml
UPC: 9351422000064

VIC Only: Storage & Handling: 1-4 Degrees Chilled
90 Day Average Shelf Life on Delivery

PERKii is a refreshing fruit flavoured probiotic drink currently available in four delicious natural flavours. Unlike many probiotic drinks, we’ve been able to craft our little bottles of goodness with billions of LIVING & PROTECTED probiotics, in a low sugar, low calorie and gluten free offering. 

  • Billions of Probiotics
  • Only 37 Calories
  • Lactose Free
  • Natural Fruit Flavours

At PERKii, we believe a better outside starts on the inside. That’s why we crafted our little bottles of goodness with Low Sugar, No Empty Calories or Lazy Lactose! Just delicious all natural fruit flavours, juice and Billions of Protected Probitics whose sole purpose is to make you feel better inside and out. Feeling that good has never been this tasty.

PERKii uses a University of Queensland patented technology - ProGel. This world-first technology uses organic based microgels to surround the probiotics and create a protective barrier.

This helps the probiotics (and us) three fold. As they are encased in their microgel coating; they are protected from the environment, fermentation and each other and can exist alive and healthy in PERKii for over 4 months. It also means there isn’t a need for high sugar content (such as lactose), allowing a refreshing range of flavours.

But the real magic of the ProGel microgels is that not only can they withstand acidic environments (such as the stomach) for hours but on entering a more alkaline or high pH environment (like the gut) they expand and release their precious probiotic cargo. Now that’s something to feel better about!

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