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Atkins Vanilla Lo Carb Protein Shake 330ml - Fresh Food Enterprises

Atkins Vanilla Lo Carb Protein Shake 330ml

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Metcash Order # 938208
Case Quantity: 6 x 300ml
UPC: 5060074632755

Merchandise & Ranging Support Only / Please Order Direct via Metcash Warehouse

The team at Atkins believe it’s far more important to know what your body does with what you eat. The Atkins way satisfies the body, creating greater energy, higher metabolism, and less stored fat. Our purpose is to improve global health by becoming how a healthier world eats. And to help people understand that eating right is about both losing weight and becoming healthy. 

  • #1 Weight Mgt. Brand
  • Instantly Recognisable Branding
  • Low Carbohydrate | Low Sugar
  • 14% Category Growth
  • 63% Adults Overweight | Obese
  • New Focus On Healthy Lifestyle
  • More Than Just Weight Loss

The Atkins Mission: Learning to Eat Right! Make eating right a part of everyday life through our advocacy, education, innovation and products.

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