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Celestial Tea Sleepytime Wellness Extra  35g
Celestial Teas

Celestial Tea Sleepytime Wellness Extra 35g

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Order Code: CEL 04
Case Quantity: 6 x 35g
UPC: 70734053726

This relaxing herbal tea starts with our time-honored Sleepytime¨ blend of chamomile, spearmint and other soothing herbs. We then add valerian, long trusted as a natural sleep aid, for an especially calming cup. Sleepytime is the original bedtime tea. More than 40 years ago, we created a truly soothing herbal tea to help folks wind down the day. Today, our calming Sleepytime blend of botanicals is available in herbal, decaf green and wellness teas, so you can always find the perfect cup for your bedtime routine.

  • Gluten Free
  • Ceffeine Free
  • Vegan

Celestial Seasonings Teas are an invitation to taste a world of flavour in every box. Our mission is to improve people’s lives by providing delicious, beneficial products while maintaining our commitment to our customers, our values and our planet. We blend our teas using the finest herbs, teas, spices and botanicals available, and we lovingly package them in engaging, thoughtful boxes that truly represent the goodness found inside.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Spearmint Leaf, Lemongrass Leaf and Hawthorn Berry
Warnings: Recommended for adults only. If you are taking prescription medication, or are pregnant or nursing, consult your health care provider prior to using this product. Persons with allergies to the daisy family may be sensitive to chamomile. Do not drive or operate machinery after consuming this product.

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